Quit Smoking Card

1-800-Quit-Now is a national router number which accepts callers from throughout the nation, seamlessly directing them to the appropriate state quitline. In an effort to promote this valuable resource, the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center has developed a small, plastic card the size of a credit card to help promote the new national quitline, 1-800-Quit-Now. If there is no state-run quitline, the call goes to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) quitline. By the end of the year, every state will be able to offer smokers this valuable service.Quitlines are toll-free telephone centers staffed by trained smoking cessation experts. For clinicians, they can provide an easy, fast, and effective way to help smokers quit. By simply identifying smokers, advising them to quit, and sending them to a free telephone service, clinicians can save thousands of lives.In an effort to try and help people stop smoking regardless of the mechanism, Smoke Away applauds the efforts mentioned above. We also urge people to take part in either this free service, or if they need to, they can certainly log onto Smoke Away Support and talk to actual people who are currently in the midst of their “quit”, or better yet have been successful and are now helping others!